Your job search essentially starts when your cv is reviewed by the hiring entity.  Let me tell you my experience when I receive physiatrists’ cv’s.  Sometimes they have typo’s.  Some are full of typo’s and other times they are cases where you see red marks from Word noting spacing errors, words not being capitalized, etc.  These are minor errors but because the reader sees the red marks they really stand out.  Although it might seem unfair, some employers won’t consider a physiatrist’s cv with any typing errors.

Please remember to include your contact information on your cv.  I think sometimes you have a cv for professional purposes that typically doesn’t include contact information.  This information should be on the top of your cv.  I wouldn’t say that this is a reason you wouldn’t be contacted but it certainly makes it a challenge.

Having too many jobs over too short a time frame is a problem.  I recommend staying at one job for at least 3 years.  However, sometimes it may appear from the way you write your cv, that you’re changing jobs alot when you’re not.  This happens for example when your experience is in one city but you have a multitude of jobs in that city and with various time spans.  You can format this experience to show this by heading it with the name of the city.