• Join a doctor-run company at the forefront of this specialized medicine
  • This rapidly-growing field offers much professional growth
  • Comfortable lifestyle with 8-hour days and no call

Pelvic rehab medicine physiatry job in Houston with picture of Houston skyline


  • Approximately 15-25% of men and women suffer from pelvic discomfort.
  • In the US chronic pelvic pain effects 28 million women (80%) and is projected to grow to 43.6 million by 2050 according to the NICHD.
  • Currently, chronic pelvic pain accounts for 20% of gynecology visits


  • A physician-lead specialty health care organization whose purpose is to provide evidence-based, individualized treatment services for those suffering with chronic pelvic pain.
  • Has positioned itself at the center of the pelvic pain ecosystem.
  • Nationally recognized experts dedicated to reducing the number of people suffering from this affliction.
  • Formed in 2017 and is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Since its inception it has experienced rapid growth and routinely attracts patients from across the US and internationally.
  • Its fast-paced success has led to expansion into multiple cities across the country, bringing physiatry care to those suffering from chronic pelvic pain.
  • Current markets include NYC, New Jersey, Long Island, Washington DC, Miami, Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta.
  • Planned expansion is set for: Nashville, Tampa, Indianapolis.
  • The San Francisco practice opportunity will be available in the Spring/Summer 2024 as it will be a new site
  • Multimodal interdisciplinary approach with services in mindfulness, breathing, nutrition, behavioral tech platforms
  • The payors are out-of-network private pay
  • High doctor retention


  • Pelvic Physiatry with a focus on Women’s Health and Men’s Health in an Outpatient serene and tranquil Spa Like setting.
  • A National Healthcare Organization Focusing on the Pelvis; join a team of Leading Pelvic PM&R Doctors with bi-monthly Virtual Meetings and Case Presentations
  • Non-operative Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction, Persistent Pelvic Pain non-operative Endometriosis Care, Sexual Pain and Dysfunction, Urological Pain and Dysfunction
  • Outpatient Musculoskeletal care with a focus on the muscles, nerves, and joints of pelvis.
  • Non-Opioid Functional Restorative approach with ultrasound guided procedures
  • Approximately 50% procedures and 50% msk/education
  • Patient Population is 16-45, Athletic, Minimal Co-Morbidities, seeking Holistic Integrative Care
  • No Experience in Pelvic Physiatry Necessary: You will be taught the pelvic floor exam and all Ultrasound guided procedures to pelvic area
  • You will see 10-15 patients per day
    • Musculoskeletal care with a focus on the muscles, nerves, and joints of pelvis
    • Ultrasound guided trigger point injections and nerve blocks to pelvis
    • Comprehensive Neuromuscular and Pelvic floor history and exam
    •  Work with a MA and patient coordinator
    • Work with a team of top Pelvic Pain Physiatrists across the country to help bring the “PRM” to patients with Pelvic Pain and Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction
    • Multimodal and interdisciplinary approach
    • Provide excellent, personalized patient care according to guidelines provided by practice
    • A dedicated liaison will help with education to referral doctors
    • Follow organizational policies, procedures, and protocols
    • Approximately 5 procedures/day
    • 24-hour call center so no call


  • All training is Provided by Founder and Regional Medical Directors


  • Full time 5 Days per week, 8-hour workday and No call or weekends


  • High income potential with base and bonus structure
  • Health, Vision and Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • 401k
  • Paid holiday and PTO
  • FSA
  • Commuters Benefit Program
  • Completely digital onboarding process
  • Supportive and appreciative culture

 What makes this organization different?

  • Providers are experts in non-operative Pelvic Pain with a Rehabilitation Focus rather than classic Pain Management Approach
  • We are influencing change on national scale with our Unique Outpatient Comprehensive Pelvic Rehabilitation Protocol that we are collecting outcomes Data and publishing on


  • Base with bonus


  • A compassionate and caring physiatrist to work with their dedicated team to take care of Women and Men suffering from chronic pelvic pain and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction
  • Pelvic rehab experience not required. Their CMO will give you in-person training for a week and you would be provided training videos before joining the company.
  • Must be able to connect with patients
  • Fellowship Not required, Experience with Pelvic Rehab NOT required

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