Job Openings

    • General outpatient physiatry job, Oklahoma City  Walk into a busy, successful, well-established practice A PA will assist you so you can work with ease The senior physiatrist is Board Certified in PM&R, Pain and Anti-Aging Practice Features: The practice provides pain management and integrative medicine The practice treats back, spine, elbow, hand, wrist, hip, foot, ankle, knee, neck; cancer pain, chronic pain, degenerative disk disease, facet joint syndrome, headaches, herniated discs, neuropathy, osteoarthritis, post-laminectomy syndrome, sports injuries, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, etc. Procedures include fluoroscopic-guided injections, epidural steroid injections, facet block injections, trigger point injections, discograms, EMG’s, occipital nerve blocks, nerve root blocks, sacroiliac joint blocks, stellate... [Read More]
    • Inpatient physiatry practice opportunity, near TulsaFull relocation, sign-on bonus, and $240,000 income guarantee Guaranteed patient load State-of-the-art freestanding facility   Facility Features: ·       Well-trained outreach teams that identify appropriate inpatient cases ·       Gratifying patient mix ·       Team atmosphere with full-time employed therapists and nurses ·       Physician-friendly hospital executives and collegial environment ·       Corporate support to facilitate available resources for regulatory compliance   Responsibilities: Will provide comprehensive, inpatient physical rehabilitation to patients who have experienced stroke, trauma, brain injury, complex orthopedic conditions as well as other major illnesses or injuries. Rehab physician consult is required on all cases.  Patients must be seen by the rehab physician within 24 hours of admission and a minimum... [Read More]
    • Medical Director, Rehab and staff physiatry practice opportunities, Oklahoma City  Work with 2 nationwide companies, one an expert in hospitals, and one an expert         in rehab Enjoy the advantages of this company’s EMR, risk and compliance functions Comprehensive benefits Facility Features: 35-bed rehab facility Responsibilities:         Handle 15 rehab beds Responsible for all aspects of the rehabilitation program of patients admitted to the facility. This facility has an existing patient census requiring full-time physiatry coverage. Coordinate care pertinent to medical rehabilitation with primary care and other specialties. Provide care for all aspects of rehabilitation after admission. Assess and manage barriers to medical rehabilitation for best measurable outcomes, with... [Read More]