If you’re tired of hours of fruitless job searches in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, Farr Healthcare is here to help. We are a premier recruiter for physiatry jobs, and we can connect you to open positions in Maryland. There is a growing demand for qualified physiatrists throughout the state. So, no matter your level of experience or position preference, we’re sure to find something for you.

We have access to different job opportunities in the field of physiatry, including positions that put you in direct contact with patients, such as resident care, rehabilitation centers and in-patient and out-patient facilities, or in teaching roles, guiding the next generation of physiatrists.

Maryland Job Openings

    • Inpatient/outpatient physiatry job, Salisbury    Live on the beach! Friendly work environment with understanding for flexible schedules for vacations, child care needs, etc. A lot of team support Low COL and crime, good schools  Practice Features: A well-respected, well-established successful physiatry group 3 physiatrists who provide inpatient and outpatient services, 4 PA’s and 2 CRNP’s; a new physiatrist will be joining them in September, 2023 Provide specialty services for musculoskeletal disorders, neuromuscular diseases, and EMG’s The rehab hospital provides a wide range of physical rehabilitation services, a vast network of highly-skilled physicians and therapists, and the most innovative equipment and rehabilitation technology, ensuring that all... [Read More]

Find Your Next Physiatrist Job in Maryland With Farr Healthcare

At Farr Healthcare, we specialize in recruiting qualified individuals for PM&R jobs in Maryland and throughout the country. Our goal is to serve our clients and match you with your ideal position.

The level of recruitment expertise we bring to bear for our applicants is unmatched. Our company has been serving the physiatry community for more than 15 years. Plus, Farr Healthcare’s president has 30 years of experience recruiting physicians and finding them positions where they can thrive.

With our background in PM&R, our clients include some of the most highly respected names in the industry, such as Post Acute Medical, HealthSouth and Vibra. So, you can be sure we have the know-how and connections to find you the job of your dreams.

Benefits of Partnering With Farr Healthcare to Find Inpatient and Outpatient Physiatrist Jobs in Maryland

Without assistance, finding the perfect PM&R position can be frustrating and futile. However, with Farr Healthcare on your side, we not only carefully match you to great jobs based on your skill level and interest, but we also give you the chance to gain more knowledge during the job placement process. Our resources share career opportunities and provide information we receive from clients about openings. This includes our:

  • Email newsletter
  • One-of-a-kind blog with physiatry recruitment info
  • Highlighted current job openings on our site updated almost every day
  • Customer service representatives available to assist 24/7 with questions or concerns

We’re committed to finding you an incredible environment that suits your needs and serves our clients by connecting them with top PM&R physicians and doctors. Our specially designed recruitment process is customized just for you.

Let Us Help Your Search for Open PM&R Physician Jobs in Maryland

As a top physiatry recruiter, Farr Healthcare is the best partner you can have in your search for PM&R positions in Maryland. To find a full-time physiatry job today, we invite you to fill out our online application. We can provide you with a recommendation to simplify the hiring process based on the experience and qualifications you possess.

If you’re ready to begin, check for physiatry openings near you.