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    • Medical Director, Rehab Physiatry Practice Opportunities, near Wichita and another job 2 hours from Kansas City  Newton - Beautiful facility close to Wichita Hospital administration gets rehab! The hospitals will market, develop outpatient services and consults for you Facility Features: 12-bed Rehab unit at a 103-bed, (13-bed rehab unit ½ an hour away at which you can also be the Medical Director); not-for-profit facility started in 1988 Lots of growth potential The hospital has wound healing and hyperbaric programs Excellent nursing care as well as therapy Level 3 trauma The University of KS has a residency program on site Full-service of neuro, ortho and several OP clinics Affiliation:   Employee  Compensation: Salary base plus incentive plus benefits   Call: 1:3 If you... [Read More]

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