What items are negotiable when you’re considering a physiatry practice opportunity?  Let’s start at the beginning and that’s with the salary.  This is the biggest financial part of your package so this is the one that is most important and can be negotiated.

The start date may be negotiable.  If you’re a newly graduating resident and want to take off July and some of August to take the Board exam, many entities are OK with this later start date.  Sometimes you actually will start later than you wanted because of the time to get a license and credentialled.

Your work schedule may be negotiated if it works out best for you and the entity.  Requests for weekend hours or night time hours maybe very welcome or not at all possible.  Obviously, this request is very dependent on the nature of your work responsibilities.

A sign-on bonus is not often the case.  However, it’s something worth asking for.  The worst the entity can do is say no.  The same holds true for loan forgiveness and professional dues.

CME is often provided but you may choose to negotiate how much is provided.

Relocation is usually provided by large corporations and hospitals but not private practices.  The tax implications of how you’re paid for relocation are important.  For more information on these implications, visit https://www.holmanmoving.com/Moving/moving-guide/how-to-manage-your-lump-sum-employee-relocation-pa.aspx