• Fast-paced practice dedicated to taking care of patients with spinal disorders
  • Choice of employee or independent contractor
  • Competitive compensation
  • Open to all specialties

Facility Features:


  • Treats patients from DE, MD, NJ and PA
  • 6 physiatrists, 5 of who specialize in spine and cervical workups along with nerve conduction studies, 1 radiologist and 1 pain anesthesiologist
  • 2 offices which include an ambulatory surgery center and an imaging center
  • Is the only practice in the region dedicated specifically to taking care of patients with spinal disorders
  • Provide superior care by having fellowship-trained experts
  • Has been in operation on the Christiana Care Hospital campus since June, 2000.
  • The founding concept is to treat spine pathology with the most conservative treatment possible.
  • Seeks to provide both patients and referring physicians with a facility that delivers a complete and balanced approach to the treatment of spinal pathology
  • Electronic patient medical records with capability of retrieving imaging studies
  • Informal consultation among specialists
  • Staff dedicated to spine care and patient education
  • Treatment algorithms are reviewed and modified to improve patient outcomes
  • Long term outcome studies will be collected and used to help advance spine care on a national level
  • Exam and prep rooms



  • Work at 1 office
  • US-guided procedures and injections, do PRP’s
  • 4 -5 US patients in the morning
  • Carpal tunnel release, shoulders, knees
  • Can do a few days interventional work if desired



  • Employee or independent contractor

 Reason for opening:


  • Retirement of current physician



  • Salary with incentives bonuses after certain levels if an employee