• Approximately 5-10 hours a month
  • No direct patient care
  • Flexible Timings/Remote Work
  • Competitive hourly rate or monthly stipend
  • Opportunity to grow into Chief Medical Officer leadership position in growing national company

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Time Commitment:

  • Approximately 5-10 hours a month

Company Features:

  • Have similar operations in several Midwest states


  • Once a week training session, otherwise work off site
  • Serve as a collaborative physician training and answering questions from rehab NPs working in a nursing home
  • This supervisory role does not involve clinical care or direct patient care.
  • The job is to ensure that the NPs are comfortable and have a resource to turn to for any questions so that they can meet or exceed company goals and standards when it comes to rehabilitative medicine.

Candidate Qualifications:

  • Board certified physiatrist

The need for qualified skilled nursing facility physiatrists has increased exponentially recently. Your expertise in skilled nursing physiatry will serve you well, but only if you are able to connect with the right employers. Farr Healthcare can help you connect with these skilled nursing facility employers.