• This busy rehab hospital is affiliated with 2 large acute care hospitals
  • The hospital is flexible to accommodating any particular service interests you have
  • Competitive salary plus Medical Director stipend plus comprehensive benefits



  • Northeastern Ohio
  • The cost of living in the area is 75.6 compared to a national average of 100. Ohio as a state is 82.6.

 Facility Features:


  • 69-bed, JCAHO- and CARF-accredited, stroke-certified freestanding rehabilitation hospital
  • ADC-45 – 50
  • Part of a large acute care hospital system which is a private, for-profit health care system
  • 2 affiliated acute care hospitals for referrals with 160 doctors
  • One of the referral hospitals is a 300+ bed acute care hospital with an internal medicine residency program; you could have them rotate through the rehab hospital; this hospital is no more than 2 miles from the rehab hospital
  • Join another physiatrist who is starting there the summer, 2022 and a PA
  • There is an EMG/NCS clinic and one was being developed by the former Medical Director for spasticity



  • 50% inpatient and 50% outpatient mix
  • Act as the primary doctor for the patients
  • See approximately 20 – 25 inpatients/day
  • Have an outpatient clinic for EMG’s & baclofen
  • If interested in something in particular be it inpatient or outpatient, the hospital is receptive to it



  • 1:3; the PA helps with call



  • Employee



  • Competitive salary based on MGMA guidelines and Medical Director stipend



  • Comprehensive benefits

Candidate Qualifications:


  • Board Certified physiatrist with excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  • Interest in expanding rehab services and growing the rehab program


                    If you have any interest, skills or experience with inpatient physiatry jobs, you’re in luck. Interest in inpatient physiatry jobs has decreased over the years, making the need for skilled clinicians now more than ever. There is a great demand for qualified inpatient physiatrists, and Farr Healthcare can help you find the practice or facility of your dreams.