• Per a physiatrist who interviewed in St. Louis, “Good facility, great reputation, good benefits”
  • Affiliated with national leaders in rehab and healthcare
  • Comprehensive benefits

the famous St. Louis arch where there is a physiatry job

St. Louis Facility Features:

  • One of the largest hospital systems in St. Louis
  • 3 facilities; you will work at 2 of the facilities
  • IM coverage
  • Similar for the other cities


  • Responsible for all aspects of the rehabilitation program of patients admitted to the facility. This facility has an existing patient census requiring full-time physiatry coverage.
    • Coordinate care pertinent to medical rehabilitation with primary care and other specialties.
    • Provide care for all aspects of rehabilitation after admission.
    • Assess and manage barriers to medical rehabilitation for best measurable outcomes, with appropriate resource utilization, for safe discharge into the community.
    • Lead the interdisciplinary team with team meetings on a weekly basis. Family meetings are held at initial admission, discharge and during the course of stay as needed.
    • Work at a skilled nursing facility (SNF) to take care of short-stay patients in need of rehabilitation, and enhance the quality of the SNF’s rehabilitation program.  The attending physician, not the physiatrist, in the SNF takes care of the primary medical needs.
    • No outpatient responsibilities unless desired.


  • This company’s goals are to represent physiatrists nationwide who affiliate with them to promote physiatry among payors, SNF’s, etc.  This national company will support physiatrists as CMS chips away at your reimbursement.  It will develop outcomes status, information technology, compliance programs so that you will be well-paid.  The national company hopes to show payors their better outcomes and substantiate higher reimbursements.    They are looking for long-term relations with physiatrists.


  • 1:6


  • Salary monthly. Then each month 70% of your collections exceeds the salary, you get a bonus equal to that amount. In other words, you get the greater of 70% of collections or your minimum salary plus benefits. There is no pay back if you do not exceed the minimum salary.
  • The average physiatrist makes approximately $300,000

Candidate Qualifications:

  • Must be Board Certified or planning to take Boards

St. Louis Community Information:

  • Attractions include Gateway Arch, MO Botanical Garden-the oldest continuing operating botanical garden in the country, the Saint Louis Zoo-1,300 acres, MO History Museum, St. Louis Art Museum, a skating rink, the City Museum, Field House Museum, National Blues Museum, Lewis and Clark State Historic Site, Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site
  • Restaurants – French, barbeque such as at Sugarfire Smokehouse, German such as at Schneithorst’s, Italian, and more

If you have any interest, skills or experience with inpatient physiatry jobs, you’re in luck. Interest in inpatient physiatry jobs has decreased over the years, making the need for skilled clinicians now more than ever. There is a great demand for qualified inpatient physiatrists, and Farr Healthcare can help you find the practice or facility of your dreams.