Self-confidence is very important during the interview process.  Use the interview to distinguish yourself from others and highlight your strengths.  As the saying goes, if you don’t believe in yourself, other people won’t believe in you either.

When answering questions or during the interview discussion show that you relate to the interviewer.  Nod your head during the discussion on points you agree.  Make an empathetic comment when you answer a question.

Try to find out during your initial phone conversation what the practice is searching for.  There is usually a key component that they’re looking for in the new person.  Use the interview to address who you are and that you have what they’re looking for.  You will have to convince the interviewer that you have what they’re looking for or else someone else may get the position.

Everyone likes people who are happy, enthusiastic and easy to talk with.  The same situation applies to your interview.  Try as much as possible not to be nervous and instead be relaxed and show your naturally good qualities.  If you don’t have these qualities, display them in the interview and work towards them in life.