• Longstanding multispecialty group #1 in their field of personal injury
  • Growing practice with plans to open a 5th office
  • Competitive salary with incentive and partnership potential

Interventional/regenerative physiatrist job with picture of Miami

Practice Features:

        • This group has been providing exceptional quality diagnostic and rehabilitative care services to traumatic injury victims throughout South Florida for almost 25 years. Their board-certified physicians, as well as licensed medical assistants, rehab nurse practitioner and physical and massage therapists, offer their patients coordinated, comforting medical care at their four facilities in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.
        • Their physicians include a general physiatrist, 2 neurologists, a radiologist, and an orthopedic surgeon.
        • This practice is #1 in their field with a foundation set upon a firm commitment to the highest standard of professionalism and ethics, as well as a determination to work with their patients to help improve their wellbeing.
        • This group has forged a path to become South Florida’s premier rehabilitative medical provider with the use of its elite, cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic systems which include a C-arm and MRI
        • Divisions in neurology, orthopedic surgery and pain management.
        • Continued growth and expansion with plans to open a fifth office



  • Outpatient personal injury, mostly acute, little medications management, impairment ratings, initial history and physicals, final exams, EMG’s and nerve conduction studies, approximately 25 new consults per week, and about 30-50 follow ups/interims.
  • Although they work closely with attorneys and patient representatives in relaying information on their patient’s relevant medical progress, their medical team and physicians still retain a majority of the oversight of the patient’s course of care
  • Travel to a different office/day within 20-30 miles of each other
  • Visit each office once a week
  • Procedures will be done 1 day/week by fluoro in the Hollywood office


  • Competitive salary of $300,000
  • Incentive and partnership negotiable


  • Comprehensive to include malpractice, health insurance and more


  • Solely personal injury

Candidate Qualifications:

  • Board certified physiatrist who has medical-legal experience; Spanish ideal but not necessary; a team player with excellent interpersonal and communications skills

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