• No narcotics or chronic pain
  • No Medicare or Medicaid
  • This large network gives you the first-choice ability to move to another city
  • Lifestyle-friendly practice environment with a rapidly growing, thriving organization
  • A practice physiatrist tells me that he loves his job, that the organization has allowed him to grow into a Medical Director position

interventional physiatry job in Columbia with view of capitol in Columbia, SC



  • Has grown from 2 offices to 30 offices in 5 years; still a growing company that you can get in on the early ground floor
  • As it’s growing, you can come and stand out and become a leader
  • The physician-backed organization aims for a win-win relationship with physiatrists
  • 26 offices in 10 states to include Gainesville, Augusta, Savannah, Macon, Columbus, GA
  • No narcotics, no chronic pain
  • Procedure suites in the offices
  • The orthopods and physiatrists are equally respected
  • Nurse practitioners in every office
  • No Medicare or Medicaid
  • NOT YOUR TYPICAL PI/WC PRACTICE. They serve PI, work comp, commercial and self-pay. For a provider, the treatment protocol is identical without regard as to what the mechanism of injury was. Having said that, they certainly do more PI and Comp then commercial.  Some doctors perceive WC/PI work as shady as sometimes injections are provided when not indicated.  This isn’t the case with this practice as every injection they do is scrutinized by insurance.  This practice will not reflect poorly on your cv.  It’s the same as working in a non-PI/WC practice except that you don’t have to wait for insurance to agree to the procedures.
  • 50% of the patients only get DME or chiropractic, 48% just seen in the clinic, 2% of the patients get procedures
  • PI has less co-morbidities, they’re not chronic pain patients so they’re easier to work with and they’re happier with their medical outcomes


  • Facet, lumbar and cervical epidurals, RFA, MBB, etc.
  • Procedures done by fluoroscopy, can do by US if interested
  • Equal distribution of new patients
  • Travel to Greenville, Columbia, Fort Mill and possibly one more location within that area. You will receive a new car/gas/insurance
  • A Monday-Thursday schedule is also possible. You can come home each night or spend the night at the company’s expense
  • No paper work, no authorizations
  • Assistance of a NP
  • There is NO different PI protocol vs commercial insurance. The ONLY difference is that OSSP is not dependent on an insurance adjuster to approve an MRI or procedure. You will NEVER communicate, market, or even know anything about a case. That’s all done by a separate company and NOBODY at OSSP in any capacity has access


  • Enjoy the advantages of being an employee without the headaches of running a practice and making the same amount of money



  • Salary plus incentive
  • Monthly incentive bonuses typically range from $5,000 – $15,000


  • Comprehensive to include a car, gas, insurance

 Candidate Qualifications:


  • Board Certified/Qualified fellowship-trained physiatrist with excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  • A dynamic physiatrist who is eager to produce and willing to help grow a company
  • Have a sense of curiosity and team spirit

An Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate in its employment practices on the basis of race, religion, sex, color, national origin, age, disability, citizenship, genetic information, veteran status, military service, or any other characteristic protected by federal law or Georgia law