• No similar training program in the U.S.
  • This practice has been providing regenerative services for 15+ years
  • Private practice yet very academic setting to include research

aerial view of fort wayne, IN where there's a interventional and regenerative physiatry training job

The STAR Health fellowship opportunity is unique because:

1) our clinic and surgical center combined with rehab and research facilities offers the ideal blend of clinical and academic medicine

2) we have a world class staff,

3) outstanding, friendly and vibrant patients (largely executives, athletes, and skilled trades people), and

4) our work is almost never routine. What keeps our work so stimulating? – – Our signature PRISMS approach (through which we seamlessly integrate pain, regenerative, integrative, sports medicine with STEM, as well as the diversity of interventional procedures that we perform (see the attached word document for details, but suffice it to say that most conventional pain fellowships provide limited or no exposure to many of the procedures that we perform).

The work and infusion of new energy from bright and ambitious physicians like you, promises to continue to elevate the STAR Health mission.

Overview Video:

Practice Features:

  • Created in 1994, this practice provides a signature PRISM approach — seamlessly meshing the disciplines of Pain, Regenerative, Integrative and Sports M
  • Each of the stated disciplines provide a valuable but limited perspective of musculoskeletal medicine.
  • Incorporating them in a complementary fashion provides you the best opportunity to address musculoskeletal medicine with global comprehension.
  • Their numerous international endowed lectureships and award winning, multifaceted scientific investigations demonstrate the widely recognized value of their combined strategies.
  • Their physicians work under the supervision of their Medical Director, Dr. Joseph Fortin, renowned for the universal sign of sacroiliac joint pain – – the Fortin Finger Test (FFT).
  • As subspecialists, their focus is interventional, not on medication management. Moreover, their PRISM philosophy (with few exceptions) obviates the need for opiates and most other pain management pharmaceuticals.
  • The STAR environment unites the best features of private practice and academia. They spend a great deal of time with their patients and approach each case with empathy, intellectual curiosity and scientific methodology.
  • Internationally recognized for its commitment to technical excellence in comprehensive diagnostic, interventional and rehabilitative care.
  • Features interventional pain management, regenerative medicine, sports medicine and integrative medicine for all painful or physically disabling conditions.
  • Each patient’s diagnostic and therapeutic interventions are customized, with great technical precision, to their individual needs.A strong empathic team philosophy, dedication, research, and education provide a foundation for their mission: ensuring each patient is the ultimate beneficiary of exceptional care and outcomes.

Facility Features:

  • A new clinic, office-based surgical center, a comprehensive rehabilitation suite, research and administrative facilities.


  • A typical week consist of a blend of outpatient clinic, fluoroscopically guided spine interventions, ultrasound guided MSK and craniofacial procedures.
  • The clinic exposure is a near equal mixture of spine, MSK and sports as well as regenerative medicine.
  • Another integral part of their training will be intermittent involvement in their integrative and lifestyle medicine clinic, as it is vitally important to their outcomes; value added to all their other specialties.
  • You will also participate in weekly team rounds and interact on a regular basis with their world class physical therapy staff.
  • You will be provided extensive syllabus materials which present a comprehensive review of PRISM related topics. Each syllabus is divided into sections; each section with a self-directed learning examination.

Syllabus materials include (but are not limited to):

  • Interventional pain management
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Sports medicine
  • Integrative medicine
  • Imaging studies and their physical principles (x-ray, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT and MRI)
  • Applied biomechanics and kinesiology
  • Additional academic endeavors include journal club presentations, research assignments and preparation for the World Institute of Pain FIPP (fellow of interventional pain practice) examination. Most notably, their program provides unique apprenticeship style training, with intensive one-on-one hands-on instruction in a truly supportive and friendly team environment. Finally, teaching is also provided on the administrative and billing aspects of practice management.

Fluoroscopically-guided Procedures Training:

  • Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar selective nerve root and epidural injections
  • Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar facet and medial branch block injections
  • Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar radiofrequency ablation
  • Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar discography
  • Sacroiliac joint injections/ arthrography and radiofrequency ablation
  • Intra-articular hip injections with arthrography
  • Sacrococcygeal joint injections with arthrography
  • Ganglion impar blocks
  • Celiac, sympathetic and superior hypogastric nerve blocks
  • Kyphoplasty

Ultrasound – guided procedure Training:

  • Full spectrum of craniofacial nerves (e.g. trigeminal, superior and inferior alveolar, long buccal, supra and infraorbital, greater occipital, third occipital, lesser occipital, greater auricular, auricular temporal and masseteric)
  • All peripheral nerves.
  • All peripheral tendon sheaths and bursae’s
  • All peripheral joints

Regenerative Medicine Training (PRP, BMAC and bio-scaffolding): encompasses treatments employing the full spectrum of image-guided procedures (craniofacial, extremities and spine).

Integrative Medicine Training: Wide ranging academic exposure to the multiple facets of integrative medicine which seamlessly compliment the lifestyle aspects of sports, pain management and regenerative medicine. Instruction includes (but is not limited to) supplementation, elimination protocols, microbiome restoration programs, behavioral modification and contingency management, how to properly assess and monitor food journals, activity journals and ORAC intake.

Candidate Applications should include the following:

  • Completion of an ACGME accredited residency program in PM&R
  • ABPMR board-certified or eligible
  • Personal Statement
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Photograph
  • SAE scores PGY2 and PGY3

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