• Unique opportunity to work with one of the premier rehab systems in the country
  • A physician-friendly, progressive, integrated program
  • Generate above-average income with a guaranteed patient load
  • Determine the future of rehab through program development

System Features:


  • A Five-Star, Joint Commission Regional Center of Excellence with a state-of-the-art, non-profit, freestanding, community-governed 99-bed hospital featuring 68 acute rehabilitation beds, 6 intensive care unit beds, and 25 medical surgical beds
  • Is privileged to bring the benefits of rehabilitation to tens of thousands of people since their first patient in 1938
  • A completely renovated 20-acre campus as well as expanding satellite centers.
  • Renowned continuum of care
  • This prestigious program offers acute rehabilitation and medical-surgical care, as well as a broad range of outpatient services that includes specialized physician clinics, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, neuropsychology, diagnostic imaging, children’s services and even an outdoor recreation program for people with disabilities. One 34-bed neuro unit, 34-bed general unit.
  • A 42-bed, long-term, CARF-accredited Transitional Living Center with TBI, SCI and stroke
  • Named among the top 10 percent of all short-term acute care hospitals reporting patient safety data
  • Every diagnosis has a Program Medical Director
  • The CEO is the former President of the American Rehabilitation Association
  • More rehab nurses on campus than in all of southern CA
  • Their outcomes distinguish themselves in rehab
  • Dynamic relationships with UCLA’s Department of Neurosurgery, the regional hospital and many organizations

 Practice Features:


  • Work with  an affiliated practice and a non-hospital-based physician group



  • Programmatic position in either SCI, TBI or stroke with strategic planning and program creation
  • Program director administrative work includes clinical pathways
  • Inpatient and outpatient
  • 12-15 inpatients/day, 30 outpatients/day; can do all inpatient one day, all outpatient another day, mixed every day, etc.
  • Create your legacy while helping to build the group
  • Offers you the opportunity to put a team together and further grow the practice
  • A life-changing career



  • Minimal as there are 9 residents



  • Independent contractor with the hospital as the hospital can’t employ doctors by CA law
  • Employee of a private practice with the possibility of partnership after a 1-year grace period at which time there maybe income diversion
  • The private practice would do your billing



  • One- or two-year income guarantee – will be discussed in the interview and determined based on your skills
  • After that time, RV-based incentive fee-for-service compensation
  • Partnership potential within a year

Candidate Qualifications:


    • A strong interest in program development, a broad base of clinical knowledge and particular interest/expertise in SCI, TBI or stroke
    • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
    • An energetic and collegial team player
    • Experience and/or specialty certification in spinal cord injury, brain injury or stroke

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