·       New hospital

·       Outpatient service sector wide open for development

·       Stipend plus professional receipts


Facility Features:      



·       60-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital; expect first year census of 25-30


·       The referrals are expected to come from all the acute care system venues


·       Offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation                                     services as well as home health care designed to return patients to                                     leading active and independent lives.


·       The hospital provides a wide range of physical rehabilitation services, a vast network of highly-skilled physicians and therapists, and the most innovative equipment and rehabilitation technology, ensuring that all patients have access to the highest quality care.


·       In addition to caring for general rehabilitation diagnoses such as orthopedics, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital/Encompass has specialized inpatient programs for stroke, brain injury, neurological, amputation, major multiple traumas, spinal cord injuries, hip/pelvis/femur fractures, burns and osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. Other services offered include our community re-entry/re-education programs and our well-known neuro day program in outpatient services.




·       Inpatient/outpatient work

·       Caseload of approximately 20 patients

·       You would be the primary doctor for the patient although consultants are available




·       Independent contractor




·       Professional receipts plus a stipend plus a guarantee

·       Income guarantee of approximately $240,000





·       Board Certified/Qualified physiatrist with excellent interpersonal and communications skills