• The hospital system that this practice is affiliated with just announced that they have a new nearly $400 million commitment to enhance the Inpatient Rehabilitation program in conjunction with Shirley Ryan Rehab in Chicago which has been ranked #1 in national rehab for the past 30+ years by US News & World Report
  • The rehab program was ranked # 4 in the state by Newsweek which puts them ahead of competing major programs
  • Join a highly successful and highly regarded PM&R practice that is the sole provider of Rehab services at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital
  • Tremendous opportunity for professional growth as well as the security and stability of a well-established practice and referral system for over the past 36 years
  • Hospitalist consultant coverage for all inpatient rehab medical management
  • The practice emphasizes quality and time well-spent with patients

Inpatient/outpatient physiatrist job near Detroit with picture of Detroit skyline

Practice Features: 

  • Flourishing multidisciplinary practice of 7 physiatrists and a neurologist
  • Strong collections maximizing income and benefits.
  • Efficient workflows to minimize documentation time.
  • Brisk outpatient practice whose office is just a 3-minute walk from the hospital
  • Provides you with ample time to see each patient and to provide a concierge level of care
  • ADC=32, with care teams of 5-6 patients each.
  • The practice provides inpatient, outpatient, consults, MSK, nursing home services, EMG’s, non-operative spine & other procedures, occupational medicine, sports medicine, etc.
  • One of their physiatrists is part-time doing only inpatient (but two teams instead of one) and one physiatrist is full-time outpatient. The rest of the physiatrists do a combination of inpatient and outpatient with about 1/3 day inpatient and 2/3 outpatient.
  • One of the doctors runs the hospital’s highly regarded spine clinic overseeing care plans with the nurse completing the charting and paperwork. Strong growth with opportunity to work at the clinic as well.
  • In 2024 Shirley Ryan Rehab will take over system management of all rehab services and they are known to work well with community-based rehab physicians.


  • Approximately 40% Inpatient/ 60% outpatient or could be more inpatient
  • If part-time, would have to be daily part-time
  • Inpatient rehab and consults
  • Act as the attending physician for the Rehab inpatients with medical consultants mandated on all cases. Medical consultants handle after hour medical issues.
  • Nursing home work is also available if interested
  • Can choose to be take one or two teams in Rehab, i.e. 5-6 patients or 10 patients
  • Work with a team to include PT, OT, SW and a nurse
  • Inpatient includes –Transplants, LVADs, Strokes / Brain Tumors, Structural Heart Disease, Amputations, limited Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Paralysis, limited Closed Head Injury, Encephalopathy, Complex Fractures, Cancer Rehab, Post-Surgery & Post-Prolonged Medical Rehab, Parkinson’s, & Movement Disorders
  • Hospital consults
  • The outpatient includes neuromusculoskeletal & EMG
  • Diagnoses include neuromusculoskeletal disorders, auto accident, work injuries, Nerve entrapment syndromes, Sports Medicine, Neuropathic Disorders, Gait Dysfunction, Tension Myalgia Syndrome / Chronic Pain.
  • Practice algorithms to treat pain with minimal to no use of opiates.
  • Chronic pain (opioids) patients – Preferably none. They discourage these patients from coming to our practice. They prefer to successfully manage pain without opiates and do so regularly. Their full-time outpatient doctor does have some patients on stable doses of opiates that he may maintain if they are successful in obtaining true relief in that they are functional on the stable dose. Otherwise he tries to wean off.
  • EMG’s – There are some referred by their doctors, some are referred by other physicians who learn to trust their doctors’ studies and the doctors generate their own from the patients they see. The number you would do all depends on how good you are at doing the EMGs and marketing. Their full-time outpatient doctor does a lot of them, teaches residents, has published papers in NCVs / EMG and is happy to mentor anyone that wishes to refine their skills. He generates quite a few from his Spine Clinic. You could do the same.  EMG’s are NOT required.
  • They do not have an US machine
  • A C-arm suite is available
  • The practice serves a number of nursing home and subacute programs, which would also be available
  • EMR-They have TouchChart. It’s NOT a classic EMR. They opted not to go down that road due to the enormous loss of productivity these cost on a physicians’ time, not to mention the frustration & the eventual generation of much meaningless drivel of templated notes. What they have is an electronic equivalent to an old standard chart. Access to everything is instant, work in-baskets can be completed from anywhere in the world, everything is filed and moved around electronically, but you’re seeing a visual of your notes, dictations, lab tests, etc. They do the fastest way to document accurately, they dictate! One of their doctors is a die-hard Medical Dragon Dictation fan and uses his own templates.
  • Dictation – They have a comprehensive 5 page Health History Questionnaire that they send to all new patients. They review it with the patient and use it for the PMH components that they don’t want to dictate. Immediately at the end of the visit, we dictate the note into a handheld recorder. They are on top of all the documentation regs and they have abbreviated the process accordingly. It depends on the doctor. Some like to use the dictation to summarize ALL important points and others dictate mostly an Impression & Plan and add in the critical points to refer to later.


  • Generous salary base the first year; production-based thereafter
  • The practice have their own “RVU” system. You get points for anything that’s practice building. One CME presentation is worth 25 New Patient Mid-level code visits.

Weekend / Holiday Call:

  • Shared call for weekends
  • Approximately 8 weekends/year
  • No call for outpatient
  • There is extra pay for doing call. It comes with seeing 27-30 rechecks Saturday & Sunday and for a consult or two. Since there are points for each visit, call tends to be lucrative time. All rehab doctors on the rehab unit share weekend / holiday call. Some of the most senior doctors take a higher proportion of weekends because they like the extra income they get from it.


  • Employee with partnership potential


  • A generous pension (profit-sharing plan), 401K, HSA, long-term disability , health insurance (with a premium copay), malpractice with 100% tail, CME allotment, job related expense reimbursement benefit

Reason for Opening:

  • One of their doctors is retiring

Candidate Qualifications:

  • Board Certified/Qualified physiatrist with excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  • A team player
  • A patient advocate
  • Will consider residents

 Community Information:

  • Macomb County offers an ideal suburban location with a great patient base & payer mix, and has a unique and culturally rich population with a top rated public school system, beautiful parks, award winning dining and performing arts.
  • Macomb County is known for its friendly community, mid-western hospitality, parks and water sports.
  • The biking trails, beaches, boat marinas and parks of Macomb County are just a short drive away.
  • Within a 30 minute drive to Detroit are the amenities of four professional sports teams, Fox Theatre, Detroit Institute of Arts, a renewed vibrant and young downtown urban scene and the bright lights of world class casinos and dining.

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