A physiatry resident recently asked me this question.  It reminds me that on occasion I’ve been told by PM&R doctors that the reason they’re calling me to find a new position is because the practice they’re at isn’t busy enough to support them.  Here are some ways to possibly identify beforehand whether a physical medicine and rehabilitation practice you’re considering joining is busy enough to support you:

  1. Ask why they’re adding a new physiatrist.
  2. Make sure there’s a salary as opposed to an incentive based compensation.  Also, that the salary is the major chunk of your compensation as compared to the incentive portion.
  3. Ask who the referral sources will be.  Are they already servicing these referral sources?  How do they expect extra work from them for you?
  4. Find out the reputation of the PM&R practice.  Again, if you’re not familiar with the area, then this might be difficult to do.
  5. Ask about the physiatry turnover at the practice.  When was the last time they added a PM&R doctor?  If it was recently, then maybe they can’t support another doctor.
  6. Ask about the practice’s financial situation.
  7.  Ask for the books.  This is a simple, yet often times, difficult request to make.
  8. Survey the waiting room.  Is it busy?
  9. What marketing are they doing or plan to do?
  10. Ask how long the waiting list is for an appointment?
  11. Ask the practice what are their growth plans and vision for the future.