I’m sometimes asked what financial guarantee our company offers in cases when a new doctor doesn’t work out. This makes me write about why new doctors leave. It’s frustrating, costly and difficult when a new doctor leaves a practice or hospital after intensive interviewing, reference checking, etc. has occurred. Many hospitals and practices are now using psychological questions to try to reduce situations when doctors leave early.

Yet doctors continue to start work and leave early and this will probably never end. What can you do to better assure that your new doctor will stay?

Determine Who Will Be a Good Fit

First, determine who will be a good fit for you. Do you want a leader or a follower? Does your patient base demand a certain doctor type? Do you have a hard driving practice and want a person with similar qualities or not?

Hone Your Interviewing Skills

Second, hone your interviewing skills. It’s not just the questions you ask but your perception of what the doctor you’re interviewing doesn’t say. Have several people interview the doctor as they bring different perspectives and a greater understanding of the doctor. Listen more and talk less.

Consider Numerous Doctors

Third, don’t hire the first doctor who expresses an interest. Consider numerous doctors just like you would when make a purchasing decision.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a crystal ball and hiring mistakes occur. One of the reasons for this is that, due to human nature, the interviewer tends to see in the interviewee the qualities needed for the job regardless of whether the interviewee actually possesses the qualities.