Most of the time when you’re searching for a physiatry job you are fortunate in that you’re talking with a number of practices and/or hospitals.  But what should you tell them about your other practice searches? In physiatry, most practices/hospitals  know that there are more practice opportunities than physiatrists in most areas so that you will be talking to several others.

Here are some tips to help you minimize any ill will from the practices and/or hospitals that ultimately you decide not to pursue.  This is critical because pm&r is a small world and you never know when you might encounter someone again.   First, even though you think that the physical medicine and rehabilitation practices/hospitals already know that you’re considering other opportunities, you should advise them so that it is clear and they won’t be surprised and upset later on when you tell them you’re taking another offer.

Second, ask all the entities you’re talking with what their timeline is.  This information will help you identify how you should respond to them.  For example, if the first entity says that they’re talking with doctors and will decide on someone when they find the “right” person, while the second  entity says that they plan to make a decision in the next month, you will know that it’s less critical to be definitive in your discussions with the first entity.

Third, regardless of your interest in a job offer, be gracious and polite when an offer is extended to you.  Again, physiatry is a small world and you don’t want to burn any bridges.  Extending an offer is a extension of a hospital/practice’s willingness and they may feel sleighted if you aren’t considerate.

Fourth, although countering one offer from a hospital/practice with an offer from another hospital/practice may result in a better financial opportunity, be careful.  If the practice/hospital feels that they are being used as such, they may decide that they no longer want you!