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Contract Negotiation

Negotiable Contract Elements for Physiatrists

What items are negotiable when you’re considering a physiatry practice opportunity?  Let’s start at the beginning and that’s with the salary.  This is the biggest financial part of your package so this is the one that is most important and can be negotiated.

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Physiatry Restrictive Covenants

Restrictive covenants are requirements that as a physiatrist working within an entity that you can not practice in a local area for a set number of years after you leave that entity.  The language is included in your agreement with the entity.  They vary from entity to entity.  Restrictive covenants are to protect the entity from you usurping their patients, which you would probably also want to guard against if you were in their shoes.

I’ve heard that they usually don’t hold up in court but that the time and expense to take it to court are usually not worth the [ . . . ]

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