o Practice negotiation in daily life and for your contract negotiation
o Consider the contract terms from the employer’s perspective
o Set targets/goals for what would be the features of the best negotiation outcome (salary, benefits, etc.), the features of your
expected negotiation and the features of the least acceptable negotiation outcome
o Make a list of the strong points of you for the position
o ID how much risk you’re willing to take in the negotiation
o Do you have something special to offer, e.g. a business background, moonlighting, marketing activities?
o Is the compensation competitive?
o What is the compensation and incentive based on, e.g. productivity, quality, cost, etc.?
o How will the compensation data be collected and submitted?
o Does the sign-on bonus have pay-back requirements?
o When do the benefits (health insurance, etc.) start?
o What is the call schedule?
o Is there a basis e.g. payor for what patients you will see?
o What if any resources (PA, tech, etc.) will I be provided?
o Is the incentive attainable?
o Is there a restrictive covenant and, if so, what is its length, geographic limitation, etc.?
o What are the terms of terminating the contract?
o What type of malpractice will be provided?
o What is the contract term? Is it renewable? By whom is it renewable?