·       Affiliate with the nation’s largest rehab provider

·       Enjoy the financial advantages of an independent contractor affiliation

·       Competitive compensation







Facility Features:

·       60-bed freestanding rehab hospital with a 50 – 55 ADC

·       The model is PM&R Attending primary, with Internal Med available to consult

·       Cerner is the EMR which is the company’s EMR

·       Join 2 physiatrists and 1 part-time physiatrist

·       Well-trained outreach teams that identify appropriate inpatient cases

·       Thriving community

·       State of the art equipment

·       Gratifying patient mix

·       Team atmosphere with full-time employed therapists and nurses

·       Physician-friendly hospital executives and collegial environment

·       Corporate support to facilitate available resources for regulatory compliance


  • Will provide comprehensive, inpatient physical rehabilitation to patients who have experienced stroke, trauma, brain injury, complex orthopedic conditions as well as other major illnesses or injuries.
  • Rehab physician consult is required on all cases.  Patients must be seen by the rehab physician within 24 hours of admission and a minimum of 3 times per week throughout the patient’s stay.
  • The rehab physician works closely with Internal Medicine and specialists on staff.
  • Caseload of approximately 20 patients
  • You can choose to do outpatient to as your own private practice in your own office


  • 1:3


  • Independent contractor


  • Administrative stipend hourly rate of $150/hour; paid monthly with estimated yearly earnings of $60k
  • Additionally, you retain all patient care revenue

 Reason for opening:

  • The current Medical Director plans to retire in the next 2-3 years



  • Board Certified/Qualified physiatrist who has an interest and expertise in inpatient care
  • For the Associate Medical Director An experienced physiatrist who desires to be a physician leader with a likely succession into the Medical Director role in the future
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  • Ability to effectively collaborate with other members of the medical staff

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