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Associate Medical Director, Rehab Physiatry Job, midway between Phoenix and Flagstaff

  • No weekday call; call 1:4 weekends
  • Competitive income guarantee plus stipend plus sign-on bonus
  • Able to also do outpatient, consults, etc.
  • Enjoy the autonomy and income advantages of being an independent contractor
  • Marketing done for you and help with setting up your practice
  • Sign-on bonus!
  • This program has been operation for years so it’s well-oiled and easy to work with
  • In the top 10% of UDS hospital patient outcomes nationally

Associate Medical Director, Physiatry in Prescott VAlley with picture of sunrise in Phoenix

Facility Features:     


  • 44-bed beautiful freestanding rehab hospital midway [ . . . ]

Medical Director, Rehab Physiatry Job, near Phoenix


  • Near Phoenix
  • Act as the consultant
  • You’ll likely be at the high end of compensation for a general physiatrist
  • Gorgeous facility
  • Great opportunities for program development and welcoming medical staff to promote your services
  • Work/life balance as the medical care provided by internists


Medical Director Rehab with photo of the sun rising over Phoenix



  • 20 miles from Phoenix

Facility Features:


  • 40-bed facility with an ADC of 25 operational since 2017
  • 27-beds to start and just added 13 beds
  • Developing a stroke program
  • State-of-the-art equipment to include Zero-G of which there are [ . . . ]

Medical Director and Staff Physiatry Jobs, Phoenix


  • Comprehensive benefits
  • Work with 2 nationwide companies, one an expert in hospitals, and one an expert in rehab
  • Employee affiliation with comprehensive benefits

Morning sun rays over Phoenix



  • West side of Phoenix but close to downtown
  • Rehab units


  • Handle approximately 15 beds
  • Responsible for all aspects of the rehabilitation program of patients admitted to the facility. This facility has an existing patient census requiring full-time physiatry coverage.
    • Coordinate care pertinent to medical rehabilitation with primary care and other specialties.
    • Provide care for all aspects of rehabilitation after admission.
    • Assess [ . . . ]
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