Associate Medical Director, Rehab physiatry job, near San Luis Obispo

  • California, USA - Pacific coast view. Shell Beach in Pismo Beach township (San Luis Obispo county).
  • The only unit of its kind in a 200 mile radius
  • Successful unit with an ADC of 17
  • The hospital wants to start an outpatient clinic
  • Beautiful San Luis Obispo area and Pismo Beach
  • Hospitalists take care of patients’ medical needs

Location:                          Central coastal CA; southern San Luis Obispo County; 3 hours N of Los Angeles

Population:                      17,500 (city)

Facility Features:

  • Spacious, 20-bed inpatient acute rehab center
  • The unit has stroke, major multiple trauma, BI, amputation, SCI, orthopedics, degenerative neurological patients
  • Located on the at the back of the 300-bed hospital’s main campus
  • PT’s, OT’s, ST’s, RT’s, family physicians, orthotic/prosthetic specialists


  • Can choose to also do outpatient.
  • The attending physician, not the physiatrist, takes care of the primary medical needs.
  • Wound care available as the hospital started a wound clinic

Compensation:               Stipend plus professional receipts

Affiliation:                        Independent contractor or employee

Call:                                   The current Medical Director has arranged internists to cover



  • Nestled between the Pacific Ocean, beautiful foothills, lakes and world-class wineries
  • Nice homes, good schools, a thriving agricultural and tourism-based economy
  • Historic District, antiques shopping and museums
  • Fine dining




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