Questions to Ask During an Interview with a Physiatry Rehab Program

Be prepared to answer and ask questions during a physiatry job interview.  The type of PM&R work associated with the job such as inpatient, outpatient, or pain will determine some of the questions you should ask.  When interviewing for a mostly inpatient physiatrist position, some of your questions should be as follows and I’ve included further information so you can better evaluate the answers provided.  I usually obtain this information from the employer to save your time and provide as much information to you as possible.

What is the average daily census?   If the census is significantly below the bed size, then you should ask why.  If they respond that the current physiatrist isn’t doing his/her part to fill the beds, then you need to evaluate if it’s truly the PM&R doctor or if instead the system that could be doing a better job in this regard.  You might also want to find out what are the possibilities are for the program to expand.

Who is the primary doctor for the patients?  This answer will help you determine your responsibilities and if you are comfortable with them.  More and more rehab facilities are adding hospitalists to provide the patient’s primary care.  You should also find out the availability, such as on weekends, of any of the doctors who support you.

Who are the referral sources? It’s great if there are built-in referrals sources however this usually isn’t the case with inpatient physiatry work.  Find out how well the marketing liaison program is. Try to determine how much daily time will be spent to develop a patient base.

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