Medical Director, Rehab Unit Physiatry Practice Opportunity, near Eureka

  • Tremendous support from the management company
  • Work with a large, not-for-profit health care system
  • Rehab is much needed in the community


  •  On the water in beautiful northern CA, near Eureka
  • Border OR

 Practice Features:

  •  10-bed, new inpatient rehab unit at a 49-bed facility
  • Opened in December, 2015
  • Internal and external referrals. A community liaison markets from Medford, OR to Eureka, CA.


  •  CVA,TBI, SCI, debility trauma and hip fractures and other 60% CMS diagnostic categories
  • Level 1 and 2 traumas go to Medford, OR


  •  Inpatient; a hospitalist provides medical care
  • Can also choose to do consults at the acute care hospital
  • Can choose to provide outpatient services


  •  1:2; another physiatrist will help with call; hospitalists handle medical calls



  •  Independent contractor or employee




  • As an independent contractor – Fair market value for administrative services which is approximately $90,000 per year plus professional receipts. A rehab unit in CA generates approximately $9,000 in annual billings per occupied bed per year which equals $90,000 for a total income of $180,000 plus other consultant and professional billing receipts.
  • As an employee – Stipend plus a salary guarantee of $150,000 divided monthly=$12,500/month. Then each month that 70% of your collections exceeds the monthly salary of $12,500, you get a bonus equal to the difference. In other words, you get the greater of 70% of collections or your minimum salary plus benefits. So let’s say your collections are $20,000 in a month, of which 70% is $14,000. $14,000 is $2,500 more than the monthly salary so you would get $12,500 plus $2,500.  There is no pay back if you do not exceed the minimum salary.

Payor Mix:


  • 80% Medicare/managed Medicare, 10% commercial insurance and 10% Medicaid






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