Medical Director, Rehab Physiatry Practice Opportunity, Leesville

  • Can be employee, an independent contractor, or an independent contractor with billing assistance
  • Internists and family practitioners provide the primary care
  • Slower pace than big hospitals
  • Very responsive administration
  • Run your own show
  • The network includes a Physiatry Medical Director in TX with whom you can dialogue


Homemade Shrimp and Grits with Pork and Cheddar



3 freestanding rehab hospitals:

  •         Leesville – 16 Bed IRF with an ADC of 13
  •         Leesville –  20 Bed IRF with an ADC of 12
  •        DeRidder – 16 Bed IRF with an ADC of 12
  • These facilities are within 30 minutes of each other
  • The facilities are owned by a Management Group with focuses solely on freestanding and rehab unit facilities in rural markets in TX and LA.  All of the facilities are JCAHO-accredited and Medicare-certified.


 Inpatient, can also do outpatient


  • The stipend is $6,000 per location for a total of $18,000 per month which equates to $216,000 per year.
  • Plus your professional receipts
  • Salary if an employee


  •  Independent contractor or employee or independent contractor with billing assistance provided


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