Interviewing physiatrists – Ask unusual questions

When interviewing a physiatrist for a new job, it’s easy to ask questions off the cuff or that you’ve stored away over the years for interviews.  However, these questions are the kind that are always asked and that most interviewees have prepared answers to. That’s why you might end up with a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor who was perfect during the interview but failed at their job.  By asking these unusual questions, not only will you get answers that more truly describe the person but you will also see how they work under pressure as they won’t have prepared answers.

There are some unique questions which are being asked my CEO’s at major companies which offhand you wouldn’t think of as professional.  However, these are the questions that might better predict a physiatrist’s on-the-job performance.  Some sample unique questions are:

If you could be another person, who would you be?

Who is your hero?

What makes you uncomfortable?

When are you the happiest?

Tell me about one of your professional relationships.

Tell me about your best boss.

ANOTHER way to tell a person’s character is to ask your front desk person how the individual was.  Often the way a person interacts with your office staff is a good predictor of how they will act with patients.

AND FINALLY, although interviewers tend to look for people with similar personalities to their own remember that the new physiatrist will be interacting with many different personalities within your office and among your physical medicine and rehabilitation patients so being like you won’t necessarily be the best and only great candidate.   In fact, you most likely need someone different from you who can deal with people different than you. 


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