Interventional pain management physiatry practice purchase or job, Greenville area

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Purchase Includes ( or can join as an employee):        

  • The practice and assets, not the 5,000 square-foot building that the

practice is located in

  • The office has an up-to-date C-arm fluoroscope machine and an

ultrasound machine

  • 3,000 active patient records, 4-week waiting list for new patients


Owner Information:


  • The current physiatrist completed a pain fellowship and has been in

practice in the area since 2002 and has had this practice since 2010

  • He will be retiring and willing to help out the buyer during the

period of transition.

He does cervical epidurals, peripheral nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablations and spinal cord stimulation among various spinal and pain-relieving procedures.

 Practice Information:

  • The practice offers comprehensive pain care, prescribes pain meds

and does spine and other pain relieving procedures.

  • There is a physician assistant who sees follow-up patients
  • The common procedures done are: epidural injections in the entire

spine, facet joint injections in the entire spine, trial of spinal cord

stimulators in the cervical and lumbar spine, all kinds of joint

injections including but not limited to hip, shoulder, hand etc., soft

tissue injections and nerve blocks.

  • Satellite office in Anderson, SC one day a week which is in rented

space; sees approximately 40 patients/day there


Area Information:

  • 2-3 pain practices in the area


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