Inpatient and skilled nursing facility physiatry job, St. Louis

Responsibilities:         Work at a skilled nursing facility and a rehab facility to take care of short-stay patients in need of rehabilitation, and enhance the quality of the SNF’s rehabilitation program.  The attending physician in the SNF takes care of the primary medical needs.  No outpatient responsibilities unless desired.

Affiliation:                     Employee.  This company’s goals are to represent physiatrists nationwide who affiliate with them to promote physiatry among payors, SNF’s, etc.  This national company will support physiatrists as CMS chips away at your reimbursement.  It will develop outcomes status, information technology, compliance programs so that when you’re sending out your bills, you will have a safer feeling that they will be well-paid.  The national company hopes to show payors their better outcomes and substantiate higher reimbursements.    Will work with affiliated physiatrists to design rehab programs.  They are looking for long-term relations with physiatrists who are satisfied with their relations.

Call:                             None, no weekends.

Compensation: Salary plus incentive.  An average doctor working full time should make $250,000 and see approximately 22-25 patients/day. To make $275,000 you would need to see about 25-30 patients/day. (please note not that skilled nursing facility work is lighter than acute work)Candidate

Qualifications:               Must be Board Certified or planning to take Boards

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